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Flex4NL is the specialist in the areas of Placement, Projects and Recruitment of ICT Professionals; Flexible, Personal and Passionate!

Our approach

With ICT-placement of Flex4NL we quickly provide a suitable IT professional who is up and running in no time and adding value to your business. Flex4NL has years of experience with ICT-placement in various (sub) disciplines and sectors. Flex4NL helps you find the right candidate for your project or temporary capacity demand, because of projects that take longer than planned, reorganization, sickness, mergers or a lack of specific knowledge. Our IT professionals work for a fixed hourly rate for the duration of a project. How do we find suitable candidates? Flex4NL has its own IT professionals and in addition, an active and extensive national and carefully selected network of professionals.

With ICT-Projects Flex4NL deploys a complete project team at the client’s location. Based upon your requirements/needs, we deploy for example an agile software development team consisting of a SCRUM master, several developers and business analysts. The team is carefully selected and informed during the intake process about the clients requirements, project, location, duration and other customer specifics. This allows the team to be prepared before they visit the customer. Of course, other combinations of profiles are possible, such as project manager, PMO support, architects and other technical IT staff. Flex4NL has experience deploying teams in The Netherlands and abroad.

IT-Recruitment of Flex4NL focuses on recruiting, selecting and hiring qualified candidates for fulfilling vacancies in organizations. Recruitment through Flex4NL means that we can provide a new, suitable ICT Professional who -after a trial period- directly can be employed by the client. Flex4NL selects candidates through a personal interview in which the motivation, experience and personality and other soft skills will be discussed with the candidate. Also, Flex4NL offers deta-fixed constructions. This is an agreement whereby the ICT Professional enters in permanent employment at the client after an agreed contractual period (during which the client pays for the hours of the candidate) after which the candidate is employed free of charge.
Nowadays deta-fixed is increasingly used before moving into permanent employment. One of the advantages of deta-fixed is the benefit of an extended trial period. This trial does not bring administrative burdens for your organization. Your organization remains very flexible, while Flex4NL takes the responsibilities of an employer. Take advantage of our specialist network of available and qualified IT professionals and let Flex4NL recruit and select professionals for you. Flex4NL has also a network of TOP Software Developers from abroad, whereby we are able to deliver high quality at a lower price.

Flex4NL focuses mainly on:

  • JAVA Full Stack Software Developers 
  •  .NET Software Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Management
  • IT Architects 
  •  Network Specialists
  • Project Managers/Leaders
  • Program Managers
  • Service Delivery Managers 
  •  Project Support Staff
  • Database Specialists

What can you expect from Flex4NL?

Our passionate recruitment consultants with a pragmatic approach and a proactive attitude provide you, as soon as possible, with a desired ICT Professional. Our consultants are specialized in one or more areas within the ICT, so they are able to understand your requirements. By thoroughly determining your needs and with an eye for details, Flex4NL is able to offer a quality matching service and process. Flexible, personal and with passion!
We see ourselves as relationship builders; we both benefit from a successful placement. We are keen to work together with you to establish a long lasting relationship and successful cooperation.

What do we expect from our clients?

We need you to let us do our work in the best possible way. Before, during and after the process. An extensive qualification is necessary in order to be able to meet your requirements perfectly. Frequent contact during the process is necessary. Attention for evaluation, after placement is important. It is therefore not surprising that we are most successful with clients who understand that we have a common interest.

Are you interested or are there any questions? Please contact us!

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We continuously communicate with our customers and employees, before, during and especially after closure of the project.
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An account manager who knows your company, projects and our ICT Professionals thoroughly in order to secure a successful cooperation.
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We have an extensive national and international network. Essential is personal contact as from there we continue to build a long term relationship.
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The Flex4NL-method

Flexible, Personal and Passionate; these are our corporate values. As a result, we have enthusiastic candidates and an amiable relationship with our clients.